Wing Banners

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Wing Banners, also known as “Shark Fin Banners,” “Knife Banners,” and “Blade Banners,” have a very distinct tapered shape that cut through the sky.

Wing Banner flags, also known as shark fin, knife, or blade banners, are ideal advertising flags for both indoor and outdoor use. This is because Wing Banners have a unique shape for increased visibility in any direction. These flags taper off at the top, allowing them to cut through the sky and create a striking presentation. They are also compatible with our folding base system for set up on any surface. Best of all, they quickly set up in under a minute.

Additionally, they are designed to withstand windy conditions. As with all our other custom Flag Banner products, Wing Banner hardware carries a lifetime warranty.

Our Flags Reach Your Customers
Planning to advertise an upcoming event? Want potential customers to notice your new product? Looking for a cost-effective way for marketing your new store? Zodiac Event Displays will ensure your message reaches the right audience no matter what marketing visual you need to present.

Customize Your Wing Banner
Furthermore, our flags and banners come with brilliant graphics to make sure your brand stands out. With our custom-designed signage, you can easily promote your message and capture the attention of your target market. Finally, these flags can be printed single- or double-sided with your custom design.

Don’t have a design? Use our preferred designers to have one made without the hassle.

Tech Specs

Quick Facts

  • Quick set up
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Lightweight
  • Single or double-sided
  • Poles fold down to 1.5m
  • Easy transport
  • UV coated banners
  • Lifetime warranty on hardware