Art Guidelines

Templates are provided in Illustrator CS4 format as an .ai file.

If you have a custom job (such as a custom plain hanging banner or ex-t shape banner) please contact us and we will create a template to your specifications. If you require an earlier version of Illustrator file or in another format such as PDF, contact us and we can help.

We work with the following applications ONLY:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

NOTE: We do not work with InDesign. We do not have the program nor does the factory work with it. Please send layouts only in Illustrator format as either .pdf,. ai or .eps.

We work on Microsoft PC’s instead of MAC’s so please supply files (particularly font files) in PC compatible format.

Pantone Colors: For accurate color matching, we highly recommend Pantone colors over CMYK mixes (especially for corporate logos). Convert CMYK to Pantones wherever possible.

All desired colors need to be specified. Do not use generic colors such as “green” from Illustrator. Also, do not change the color label name of the Pantone color as it is very difficult to figure out what Pantone color it was before the name was changed.

CMYK Colors: Exact color matches are not always possible particularly with CMYK. Please understand that there may be color variations & that the finished banners cannot be rejected on the basis of the color being wrong.

What you see on the computer screen (with CMYK and Pantones) is not always how the color will look when printed. Accurate matching should take place with a Pantone Guide or a color printout.

Please note: Due to the nature of digital printing, we cannot print gold or fluorescent pantones (in the 800 guide numbers). Below is a list of alternative gold and silver colors, which print satisfactorily:

All photos/jpg or psd images must be created at resolution of at least 72ppi/dpi at 100% print size or at a maximum of 100ppi at 100% print size. Sending 300ppi/dpi images is not necessary and not recommended as the files tend to be huge and more difficult/time-consuming to work with (and we will generally convert them to 72dpi once we receive them anyway).

Always link image files to the artwork–never embed them. Provide them as separate files with the banner template file.

Scans – color: Convert to CMYK or Grayscale unless the file is a raster EPS that contains pantones. No RGB color.

If you are sending complicated artwork that has already been created as a layered Photoshop PSD file, then please send that file with a maximum of 5 layers @ a resolution of 72ppi so that we can alter if necessary.

Whenever possible, do not send PSD files that have layers in them–always send a flattened PSD or JPG file as files with layers tend to be a lot larger and take a lot more time to download/work with.

EPS: Never place an EPS within another EPS

GIFS do not have a high enough resolution for Banners, nor do PNG files, generally.

JPGS with file sizes smaller than 20mb are not usually suitable for banners where the image is to cover the entire background of the banner due to their low resolution.

TIFFS should not be sent, generally, as they are always usually huge in size. It’s best to send JPGS if at all possible.

Please DO NOT flatten the template markings on the artwork. These markings are for reference only. Artwork can however be cut and pasted into the outside line (bleed line) of the template.

Please do not supply raster/scanned artwork for logos/artwork that would have been created as vectored illustrations.

Typographic logos and related images need to be saved as outlines in the vector format to ensure optimum print quality.

Fonts: Please convert to paths/curves/outlines or supply the font file with the artwork (converting to outlines is the preferred way, however).

Line thickness: never use hairlines, use a minimum of .1”.

There needs to be enough Bleed as indicated in the templates. .7” – 3” depending on the product (PLAIN banners must have 2” all around).

If the single file(s) are 10MB or less, they can be sent through email to the sales rep you are working with. Any files larger than that (or with multiple files and linked images etc.) should be sent via our FTP website. Please contact your sales rep for uploading instructions, username and password for login.

Zodiac Event Displays (ZED) warranty hardware including poles, stakes and bases, Ex-T Banner Stands, and Ex-Rolls for life from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defect in materials and workmanship. Our fabrics are manufactured to avoid degradation and are also coated with UV protectors and other coatings which extend the life of the fabric and color fastness. All other products are covered under our standard 1-year guarantee from date of purchase.

The longevity of the print depends on the color used as well as environmental factors such as traffic, pollution, sun, wind and rain. Owing to these factors and as per the industry standard, ZED can only guarantee color fastness for a period of six months and will only replace fabrics where there has been excessive fade within six months.

The conditions of the warranty are: Products shall have been subject to only normal use and shall not have been misused, neglected, altered or improperly set up. Any signs of tampering, deliberate misuse or negligence is not covered by this warranty.

Products shall have been used with only the correct ZED hardware, the recommended mounting options and protective carry bags for storage. The warnings clearly stated on the bags of our products, must be adhered to.

Proper shipping practices must be followed when shipping products to other venues. Defects to ZED products will be determined only by authorized ZED personnel. Upon determination of a defect, ZED’s sole obligation will be to repair or replace the defective part with the same or similar product.

Any claim against ZED for defects in materials or workmanship must be in writing. ZED, or its designated agent, must authorize the return of any alleged or defective part or product before it is returned. The party making the claim must prepay all shipping and transportation costs back to the agent it was purchased from. ZED and its agents will not accept charges for shipping unless the conditions of the warranty have been satisfied.

ZED reserves the right to substitute, discontinue, alter or modify any product or part thereof, at any time without prior notice. In such cases ZED may, at its sole discretion, substitute the warranted product. Only authorized managers and directors of ZED are permitted to assume any obligations or liabilities in connection with the product or may alter the terms of this warranty. ZED shall not be liable for damages, howsoever caused. This includes damage as a result of negligence (gross or otherwise) of ZED or its employees and affiliates, as well as damage arising out of, or in connection with, a failure or defect in an ZED product or its use by the owner. Digital photographs must accompany a written claim showing any and all evidence of damage or defect as is practicable.

Should a problem be experienced with an ZED product within its given warranty period please contact your ZED representative to determine the nature of the product failure and to establish an adequate solution. If a return for repair is needed, goods must be returned to your local agent within 10 days of the return authorization.

The onus is on the customer to verify each shipment immediately upon receipt against ZED’s packing list to ensure accuracy. If a discrepancy is found, please contact your sales representative within 7 days.

Products arriving damaged in shipping is a ‘non-warranty issue’ and claims must be made to ZED, or an approved ZED agent, within 7 business days of receiving the product. Digital photos will be required to document damage to the shipping container, packaging material and/or the product.

Please be sure to sign for the package(s) as ‘damaged’. Upon authorization to return the damaged product, all returns must be made to ZED within 7 days of delivery. Order Cancellation: Cancellation of any order, for which ZED has created artwork, ordered raw materials or produced in part or in full may be subject to full payment if the order has been completed.