3 Ways Your Brand/Company/Agency Can Benefit From Experiential Marketing

Here’s why you should invest in engagement marketing ASAP.

Experiential marketing has been gaining traction in the past years, with 87% of C-Suite executives believing that live events are crucial to the success of their companies.

In fact, an overwhelming majority of 91% among over-performing brands aim to focus more on this marketing platform and even intend to increase their budget by more than $4,500 to take advantage of its benefits. Meanwhile, 77% of marketers are already integrating experiential marketing into their company’s advertising and marketing strategies.

How Can Experiential Marketing Help Your Brand?

In this day and age, marketing strategies are veering more towards the digital arena. However, experiential marketing has been continuously proving itself as one of the most effective marketing strategies out there today.

This article aims to provide you with more in-depth insights on the ways your brand can benefit from the revolutionary strategy of experiential marketing.

1. Experiential marketing can generate sales and leads

Lead generation and sales become less elusive when brands implement experiential marketing, with 79% of surveyed companies revealing that this marketing strategy dramatically boosted their sales rates. Impressively, 65% of the attendees actually availed of and purchased the products or services offered and promoted. More importantly, up to 70% of participants in an event turn into loyal customers of the brands.

To boost your chances of attracting customers at any event, seek the guidance of branding agencies like Zodiac Event Displays. These kinds of companies offer comprehensive services ranging from pop-up tents and hanging banners to custom inflatables.

For instance, you can use hanging sign displays to boost the visual effects in your trade shows. With a variety of options available, including tapered circle hanging banners, curved triangle hanging banners, football hanging banner, and pinwheel hanging banner, these products can provide cost-effective options that will put your brand in the spotlight. Meanwhile, you can opt to avail of the entire trade show booth to ensure that your displays are customized and fabricated specifically based on your required footprint.

Investing in a partnership with these agencies could ensure that you deliver high-quality events that will leave a positive mark on your potential customers.

2. Experiential marketing can effectively personalize your buyer’s journey

Buyers nowadays can no longer content themselves with information they gather online. This is one of the reasons experiential marketing has gained traction. Potential customers now demand to experience the products or services firsthand as a crucial part of their buyer’s journey.

Keep in mind that 74% of consumers gain a more positive understanding and appreciation of a brand after an event. This is why you should carefully consider the agencies you’ll work with.

Zero in on market leaders in the industry if you intend to make use of dye sublimated fabric displays and promotional signage for your events. That way, you are guaranteed that details like flag banners, trade show materials, banner stands, and market umbrellas will be the center of attention in any of the events.

For example, a unique way of advertising your products is by using 360 Wondasigns which features your branding in 3D. This is an innovative improvement from the traditional retractable banner designs. To maximize the 3D effect of this display, you can also opt for Wonda Wall to create an incredibly stunning backdrop that will undoubtedly have customers gravitating towards your booth.

Another way of amplifying the exposure of your booth is by using podium counters as accent pieces. Meanwhile, you can utilize event bins for a more functional display as these can serve as both accents and storage.

Experiential marketing gives your customers an opportunity to establish a closer and more immersive understanding of the services offered. Hence, this strategy allows brands to forge a more personal relationship – one that deeply resonates with your consumers, and the type that digital marketing can never achieve.

3. Experiential marketing can leverage social media to boost your brand’s popularity

Social media has transformed into a behemoth marketing tool, with 82% of marketers using this platform to promote their events. It would be utterly remiss of experiential marketing strategists to fail to take advantage of it.

Since experiential marketing capitalizes on “shareable” moments, there’s no better partner in spreading the word than social media, especially since 63% of millennials use this platform to keep up with the events of their favorite brands.

Remember, 55% of businesses already utilize social media to share photos of their events. For this reason, the next logical step to take is to stage a share-worthy event that will boost the popularity of your brand. Given the right promotion and execution, social media could serve as a free grassroots advertising and marketing strategy for any brand.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, experiential marketing offers more significant payoffs compared to traditional platforms. Aside from forging strong brand loyalty among your target audience and inducing positive emotions to your consumers, this type of customized marketing strategy can provide huge return of investment for brands – with 79% of marketers able to generate sales through this platform.

However, you should remember that these rewards will only be achieved if you partner with the right agency to pull off an effective experiential marketing strategy. You must invest in the right people to represent your brand.

Agencies like Zodiac Events Display, which has decades of marketing and advertising experience, should be on the forefront of your list. Equipped with years of working with industry leaders and up-and-coming companies, these experts are more than capable of giving you and your brand the boost necessary to reach the top. Choose a trusted and well-established marketing company – one that can caters not only to your company’s needs, but also to your target customers’ demands.