Zodiac Event Displays carries many different types of outdoor and indoor signage for events and tradeshows to help your brand stand out. One category of signage that we carry is Flags, which consists of a variety of banners made to dance and wave in the wind and elevate your experiential marketing. Though the three main banner types in this category, including Feather Banners, Flying Banners, and Wing Banners, are very similar, there are some subtle differences in their overall shape and the types of events they are typically seen at.

We’ll define these three Flag types and highlight their differences to help you decide which banner is best for your brand or event. However, if you can’t decide on just one flag type, the different banners usually go together well to create a more dynamic display set-up.

Feather Banners

Feather flag banners are probably the most robust looking flag banner we carry as they have a more rectangular shape and can reach great heights. This shape allows for a large and even vertical design area, making it easier to place graphics on all sections of the flag. It also allows you to make your designs completely vertical or horizontal versus creating a more diagonal design to fit the shape of a tapered flag style.

The straightforwardness of this rectangular design should make it easier for you or a designer to fit your design elements inside of the flag material’s surface without needing to account for a narrowing edge. Plus, these flags are easy to set up and break down for when you are traveling to multiple events.

You will typically find this type of flag at large-scale sporting events in high-visibility locations like behind the winner’s podium or next to main course elements, as well as at large outdoor tradeshows. These feather banners are very popular with our corporate and extreme sports clients.

Flying Banners

Flying banners are rounded at the top and taper off to a point at the bottom to form a “teardrop” like shape, hence why their nickname is “Teardrop Flags.” These products are considered a “staple in portable advertising products” thanks to their versatility indoors and outdoors, as well as the ease of setting up and breaking down this product.

The teardrop shape lends itself to unique designs that stand out more over other more traditional banner shapes. Plus, these flag banners come in a variety of width and height combinations to fit the required specifications for your event.

The most popular places for flying banners to be seen is at outdoor sporting events, like BMX races, professional surf competitions, NASCAR races, etc. However, they also work at indoor expos as a beacon for your brand.

Wing Banners

Wing Banners are almost a hybrid of feather banners and flying banners in that they have a rectangular edge and a tapered edge – though the tapered edge is located at the top of the banner as opposed to the bottom, like in the teardrop banners. Because this top edge forms a blade-like shape, it also goes by the monikers “shark fin banner,” “knife banner,” and “blade banner”.

These sharp banners cut through the sky and really draw attention to exhibitor booths or key promotional areas at events. They are indoor and outdoor friendly during all seasons, and thrive in windy conditions.

These flags are versatile enough to use at any event – and so, like the flying and feather banners, can be used for outdoor events like sports competitions or indoors in a more corporate environment. We’ve seen these wing banner flags everywhere, including at dog sledding competitions in the winter, at large outdoor retailer shows in the spring, on the rooves of food trucks in the summer, and at large sports tournaments in the fall.

What These Flags Have in Common

Apart from the similarities mentioned above, these flags also have a few other characteristics in common. When ordered from Zodiac Event Displays, they can all be custom branded for your company or event. They can also mount to objects like gates or tents. However, they can also include a folding base, or an event banner stand, that lets you set the flags up indoors or outdoors on even or uneven terrain (like concrete, grass or sand). Incredibly enough, their hardware all come with a lifetime warranty when ordered through Zodiac Event Displays.

Feather Banners, Flying Banners, and Wing Banners are incredible experiential marketing tools that increase the reach of your brand while improving the production quality of your event. Event flag banners are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making your event display or tradeshow booth look more enticing to event attendees and ensuring that people remember your brand long after the event is over!

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