Fall is a great season for sports – with baseball getting closer to the playoffs, football finally kicking off and, for us Denverites, the ski/snowboarding season just around the corner. It’s hard to resist signing up for or putting on a sporting event. If you do plan to host or sponsor a sporting event, or just want to ensure your team looks more legitimate and/or intimidating, we have some tips to help you take your game to the next level. Here are 3 things your outdoor sporting event must have!

1. Shade

Shade is important for any outdoor event, but especially for sporting events. When the sun is beating down, easy access to shade will keep spectators and athletes comfortable and safe.


When deciding on the type of tent you want, keep in mind how much space you have and how much space you want inside.
Classic Pop-Up Tents are great for water and food stations, and are versatile because you can add panels on the back and sides to create walls.

Monster Drink Tent

If you’re looking for something more open, you should definitely consider an Ex-Star tent. The larger footprint allows for more people to fit inside, and the open walls are great for allowing people to flow in and out. Plus, their unique designs are real attention grabbers!

Looking to really make an impact? Another shade option is an Inflatable Event Tent, which comes in a number of different sizes. These impressive tents can be customized with awnings, walls, and zippered doors to fit your needs.

Any of these tents can have a variety of different uses at your sporting event. They can be used as water stations, snack shacks, covered seating, first aid stations, and check-in locations. Our tents are made from high quality polyester and have high quality metal frames to keep everyone comfortable – rain or shine. If you need help figuring out which style and type of tent fits your needs, we’re here to help!

2. Branded Displays

Whether you’re organizing and hosting the event itself or acting as a sponsor, you know how important it is to get your brand noticed at a sporting event. Outdoor events mean you have to create the environment from the ground up, and it’s essential that your displays are top notch! Make sure that when you’re designing courses, spectator areas & seating, and vender spaces, that you think of ways to incorporate your brand into the design and bring it to life to create a unique and memorable experience.

Pop Up Signs & Flags

Pop Up Signs and flags are a great way to display your brand name and event sponsors. Pop Up signs come in multiple styles and can be used in different ways all around your event. Use them as race and course markers, to decorate golf courses, soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and even in more rugged areas for snow and beach events. Their versatility makes them a great investment, and they’re the ultimate way to make your brand name part of all the action.

Like Pop Up signs, flags are another way to add design to functionality at sporting events. Zodiac Event Displays has three types of flags — flying, feather, and wing banners — which all come with a lifetime warranty! From general branding purposes to course markers, these high-flying banners are just as versatile as the Pop Up Signs, and equally as eye-catching.

Event Bins

Event bins are another great way to display your logo and maintain consistent branding throughout your event. Use them along race routes for easy distribution of water bottles to athletes, or around the event to hand out promotional items to spectators! Our custom folding bins collapse in seconds, and are made of polyester knit fabric and have a fiberglass frame for durability both indoors and outdoors. These bins can also double as trash bins if you want something more appealing than ugly plastic garbage cans.

3. Visibility

When you’re in a large spread out course or venue, you need a way to guide spectators and athletes. Signs, tents, and banners can certainly help, but giant inflatables are the way to go if you really want to stand out and create an awesome experience.

Use a giant arch at a finish line or at event entrances, or place giant versions of your logo or products around to create a truly unique and branded environment. Let your imagination run wild, and we’ll help you create something that will make your sporting event even more memorable.

Planning a fantastic sporting event is all about the energy and atmosphere you create for both spectators and athletes. When deciding how you’re going to set up your next outdoor sporting event, find ways to integrate your brand, sponsors, or even just a team logo in ways that are engaging, functional, and fun!

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