Our team here at Zodiac Displays is incredibly excited to introduce a brand new product! We’ve built our own company around the concept of offering the most modern, versatile, and affordable promotional tools for brands that are big and established as well as up and coming. To that end, we consistently strive to find and develop new materials that keep your promotional strategy on the cutting edge.

After testing and preparing our latest addition, Zodiac Displays is now offering the Ex Up Banner system! Like many of our promotional options, the Ex Up banners are lightweight, easily mobile, and tough enough to withstand repeated use indoors or out in the sun. This product can be rebranded using removable skins on your existing hardware at a fraction of the cost of buying a complete unit. The Ex Up banners are easy to set up and put away for storage and transport, plus they come with a 5 year warranty on all of the hardware components. Here are the answers to a few questions covering the basics of our exciting new product. If you have further questions or would like a personalized quote for customization, call us today!

How Do They Work?

A bit like a simple pop-up tent, Ex Up Banners are designed to be used horizontally or vertically. Each one forms a triangle shape for sturdiness, and can be secured to the ground for use at sporting events, on the beach, in the grass, and beyond. A clip system enables anyone to quickly and efficiently swap out the fabric “tent” with a new skin, so your brand’s messaging and logos stay fresh at event after event. To see the banner system in action, take a look at a video demo here.

Are Ex Up Banners Big?

Ex Up Banners are currently available in three horizontal sizes and three vertical sizes. The banners can be used as a small background element to your display, or as a larger-than-life feature for a sports promotion that will catch attention from across a field! Check out these specs to see the detailed dimensions, weights, and comparison to the average height of a person — but don’t hesitate to ask the team at Zodiac which size and style of display is the best option for your brand and specific event.

What If Ex Up Isn’t Right For My Event?

We’re thrilled to offer a brand-new product for our clients, but we know that one option isn’t suitable for everyone. Our full range of products are carefully chosen to cover most event spaces and business needs, plus we love to customize our standard promotional solutions to make something truly special. If the Ex Up Banner doesn’t seem like the perfect fit for your brand, we have plenty of alternatives.

A Frame Pop Up

These A Frame Pop Ups feature clean, rounded edges and a super-fast folding design that makes setup a breeze. A little smaller than the Ex Up system, they’re great for quick displays that travel well.

Pop Up Towers

Pop Up Towers are the vertical cousin to the A Frame Pop Up, with the same fast setup and rounded edges. Because of their stand up design, they’re perfect for catching the eye above the crowd with information or directions. Customize yours with your logo and window flap and you’ll be able to pass out sample products and information from inside!

Sideline A Frame

Zodiac’s Sideline A Frame is the ideal choice for a sporting event outdoors. Our team can print on all four sides of these triangular displays, making them highly visible branding options for barriers, guidelines, and more. The sturdy fiberglass frame is simple to set up but capable of withstanding impact out on the field. This is a heavy-hitting product for serious sponsors and fun-filled events!

No matter what product is best for your brand, the team at Zodiac Displays is on hand to help you choose a size, style, and all the custom options to brand it your way. And of course, we’ll always be on the lookout for new products, new trends, and the very best designs to meet your needs. We’re confident you’ll love our newest addition, the Ex Up Banner system, as much as we do, so call today to speak to our team about how you can customize it for your next promotion campaign.

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