For those of you who have been acquainted with the sign world, you know there are an insurmountable amount of options to choose from when trying to purchase signage for your business. From flags and feather banners to hanging signs and pop-up signs, there is no shortage of ways to help your business stand out. And they are all great marketing tools.

Yet there is one form of signage that always seems to reign supreme over the other options due to its uniqueness, customizability and interaction rate. I am talking – of course – about inflatables. At Zodiac Event Displays, we offer 3 kinds of inflatables, including Giant InflatablesCustom Inflatables, and Inflatable Tents. They come in all shapes and sizes, making them great for brand exposure at events of any scale and fun for event attendees.

The Crowd-Favorite Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches create a memorable welcoming to any event as they provide a tumultuous entryway that greets guests with your custom branding. They also attract attention from afar given their large size, making it easy for guests to locate your event as well as enticing curious passersby to come check out the event. Zodiac Event Displays offers medium and large arches, making these inflatables scalable for your space and budget constraints.

To view inflatable arches or other giant inflatables, visit our Giant Inflatables page.

Custom Inflatables Are the Ultimate Branding Technique

Whether you are hosting an event or running a promotion at your business’s location, custom inflatables can drive home your brand’s messaging or increase awareness of the product/service you are promoting. It literally can take the shape of your promotion or product – whether that be as a bucket of KFC, a large globe with your message circulating it, or even your logo shape (i.e. the McDonald’s Arches). This helps customers or attendees visualize what it is you are selling or promoting in a huge way.

Giant inflatables can also be designed as branded games that provide a fun way for your attendees to interact with your brand. For example, an inflatable soccer goal gives attendees the chance to test their accuracy by kicking a soccer ball through any of a series of holes in the goal. Companies can also give away prizes or other branded giveaways in conjunction with the game.

Inflatable Event Tents

Inflatable event tents are a unique way of shading your event. Providing shade for eventgoers on a hot day during an outdoor event can encourage them to hang out longer by keeping them more comfortable. Branded shade also draws crowds towards your brand and increases brand recognition long after attendees have left the event. Of course, each tent can be custom branded with your logos, promotional text and/or images, and colors.

At Zodiac Event Displays, our inflatable event tents are modular. This means each tent can be connected to other tents to create an impressive “base station.”  Your business can then set up tables, games, or just a larger area for people to relax and escape the elements. Plus, you can attach a custom branded wall to enclose the area and further enhance the space inside the tent.

Grab Attention and Interact with Your Customers

No matter what option you go with, inflatables tend to grab attention (even from a distance) and increase interaction with customers. People love and gravitate toward the fun shapes, helping increase your exposure no matter how much competition is around you.

Want to stand out from the competition? Talk to the experts at Zodiac Event Displays today about inflatable signage.

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