Imagine for a moment that you’re a visitor to the type of event where your brand would normally make an appearance. If you’re walking up and down rows of displays and tables, taking in all of the sights and sounds, what will you notice? In a sea of bright colors and logos, how does one stand out more than the rest to get its fair share of attention?

At Zodiac Event Displays, we’re pretty confident that we understand this combination of art and science. In this circumstance, having the right display for the space is critical, and requires some planning and customization. If a business regularly uses the same rectangle banner for all its traveling conferences and expos, we notice something inevitably always happens. Set up time rolls around, and vendors are forced to make a banner fit whatever the space happens to be for that particular event. Maybe the banner is too long to hang from a table, or won’t easily attach to the back wall. There’s always a challenge, and the end result is a display that just doesn’t quite look right.

Don’t be stuck with a “make-do” appearance — let your brand shine by focusing on display solutions, not just the banner itself. Check out a couple of our options for creating a custom banner for your next event, or find a solution that will adapt itself flawlessly to any environment. You don’t have to be stuck with the display space your business has at an event. You can make it truly customized for maximum visibility and impact each and every time.

Hanging Signs – A Cut Above

It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking the spotlight for a storefront or a large indoor event; drawing guests’ attention upward above the crowd will help your brand get noticed. Zodiac Event Display’s solutions include hanging signs and banners that aren’t dependent on the size or furniture in your display area. Check out all nine different shapes, all of which offer 360-degree branding for “high” visibility suspended in the air. With advertising hanging at or just above eye level from across the room, your sign will be noticed more than one tucked away or below eye level on a table.

Anyone can set them up; all the shapes are easy to use as well as lightweight and portable for packing and traveling down the road or across the country. The high-quality fabric is tear-resistant, making it a cost-effective and unique way to share your brand time and time again. You won’t have to worry about getting your logo to stand out or squeezing to fit a banner on a folding table that’s below eye level. Our team can help you choose a size and shape that fits your brand image and your budget.

Stand Alone to Stand Out

Sometimes a hanging solution isn’t suitable, for example, at major expos or outdoor events. For a solution that needs no support from your display space, check out our flagship display system, Ex-T Banner Stands. We think they’re one of the best possible event solutions available anywhere, but you don’t have to just take our word for it.

These shaped stands can be customized to reflect your brand — from a standard rectangle to unique shapes for bottles, cans, and other products. They’re a snap to set up anywhere, indoors or out, and don’t require extra accessories or walls to stand. The design itself will be printed on no-curl fabric that resists both fading and tears for repeat use. If you change your design at any point, you don’t need a new stand — just swap out the fabric “skin” on the same frame to keep your branding fresh and up-to-date. You’ll even have a handy carrying case to make travel easy. Are you excited yet? Imagine the time and money you’ll save while getting even more attention for your business.

Get Started on a Solution

We’ve shown you two great, customized alternatives to struggling with displays at events. Hopefully, you’re thinking about how your advertising ability could change with a more unique display, but don’t let your imagination stop here! At Zodiac Event Displays we offer many more display styles and customized details to truly find the perfect match for your business and the events on your calendar. Check out the rest of our site or talk to our team today for expert help that will boost your brand visibility at event after event.

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