Marketing comes in a variety of media: print, film, Internet, radio, TV and so on. It’s a given that you need to market your store in order for people to discover it. But sometimes, the most simple methods are the most effective at getting more people to notice the store and its offerings. Signs are an excellent way to get attention, and they do it without a lot of effort. But what if you can’t place your signs where people can easily see them? You may be missing out on business because they can’t see what’s on offer in the store. Are you on the upper floor of a retail building and people can’t find your exterior door? Again, you’re most likely losing foot traffic because you’re not easy to find. But getting out the news of your location or offerings doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. Standing teardrop banners and similar shapes can go a long way towards alleviating the problem of visibility.

Passive Marketing has the Potential to Increase Footfall

Teardrop banners and their like are considered to be passive marketing tools. They have one function only: to draw the viewer’s attention to the store and what it offers. They’re tall and narrow but have plenty of surface area for printing a message, logo or image. It’s possible to set pertinent information at an average eye height so passers-by can view the offering quickly and make a decision to enter the store without a lot of thought beforehand. It’s a known fact that impulse buyers are more likely to spend money than someone who has made up their mind for a specific purchase before going to the store.

Stores with low visibility or in hard-to-find places, setting a bow or feather banner outside the door with directions to the door helps a customer find the store easily. It also draws the attention of a casual passer-by and draws interest as to what might be offered in the store. Standing banners are an effective tool for those who may not be a traditional retailer but welcomes the general public onto the premises.

Adding to the appeal of a standing banner is the fact that it moves in the wind without making noise. A banner turning in the breeze adds visibility by catching the eyes of passing traffic from all sides. A moving object always attracts attention, and a moving banner draws in the eye. It can lure someone into your premises who would otherwise not notice the store and walk on by.

Get Your Message Across Easily

Banners are a blank canvas for just about any type of graphic or statement. Use the entire surface area for a sale sign, or print out the store logo and include relevant information. Or highlight a brand that the store carries on a regular basis, instantly informing passers-by that your store has this item at all times. The only limit to what goes on the banner is the imagination.

Printing can be done on one or both sides. Single sided printing is an economical solution and allows you to market your store on a tight budget. It’s possible to set a single-sided banner in a location that it doesn’t spin, but still catches the eye of potential customers. Or use it inside the store to highlight a new product or an item of which you want to increase the sales. There are many ways to use a banner to highlight your store or products without a lot of effort on your part.

Standing Banners are Easy to Set Up

A bow or blade banner are excellent in situations where height is an issue. They curve at the top, allowing them to be tucked into a tight area while still doing their job. When height or tight quarters aren’t an issue, a feather banner with a 90-degree right angle top offers a little more surface area for a design or exclamation.

The banner slots onto an X-base that won’t tip over easily while letting the banner turn with the breeze. Simply pull both sections apart and store them when not in use. The banners can be laid against a wall or slipped into a closet for storage and won’t take away from the existing floor space

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