Trade shows provide excellent opportunities for you to make a broader target audience aware of your products or services. That’s because the people who attend trade shows are already generally in the mood to network with their peers or at least find out more about the latest offerings in a given industry. However, there are several things you should do so that each trade show you attend is maximally beneficial.

Consider the Type and Quality of Your Trade Show Display

If you’re a frequent trade show attendee, that may mean that you end up promoting your business all over the country, or all over the world. Doing any amount of traveling requires having a resilient display that can meet the demands of a rigorous schedule. That’s one of the main reasons why you may find it’s very advantageous to go with a tension fabric display rather than one made from a less hardy material, such as cardboard.

Today’s options for this type of display are available to buy in huge sizes. You can find some that are as many as 20 feet long. However, there are also smaller, tabletop-ready designs. Most of them keep their form with help from aluminum tubing that’s zipped directly into the fabric so it’s strong, yet lightweight and easy to manage.

Also, you can often get these types of displays in full color, with printing on both sides. Going with a double-sided design is important if you are trying to attract the attention of as many people as possible. After all, trade show halls are usually very crowded. Whatever you can do to catch the eye of a passerby could result in a sale, or at least an interaction with a person that ends in him or her being willing to give you an e-mail address that you can eventually use for marketing-related correspondence.

You may also decide to have lights along the top of your display so it’s easier for people to read any printed text. Trade show buildings tend to be illuminated with florescent lights, but you can never count on being placed in a well-lit section of the building. To be on the safe side, it’s smart to travel with a display that has its own lights. Some merchants even sell LED bulbs so you can light up your display in a way that’s very effective and energy efficient.

Emphasize Portability

Several years ago, the only option for trade show attendees was to carry their displays inside of hard, wheeled cases that were very bulky. Thankfully, advancements have been made, and today’s displays are much more manageable to tote and set up. You can get a tension fabric display and set it up smoothly in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. It’s crucial to make portability a priority whenever you’re evaluating types of trade show displays.

The days just before a trade show opens to the public may feel a little chaotic because merchants are hurriedly trying to erect their displays and may be struggling with small parts, screws and heavy pieces. If you decide to get a display that’s extremely portable, that means you’ll likely be able to set up your display in less than a half hour, then enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is ready to go and you won’t have to be scrambling around at the last minute.

Make Sure the Display Highlights Your Selling Points

What are some of the specific things that set your service or product apart from competitors? It’s essential that your trade show display answer that common question. When people are browsing in an exhibit hall, many of them may just stroll around without initially making an effort to talk to the staff at each booth. Rather, they’re just absorbing what they hear and see in the environment.

Later, if they’ve found things that strike their fancy, they may then take the next step by getting more information from a person working at a booth. With that in mind, aim for your trade show display to not only dazzle and delight, but also be very informative. Avoid ambiguity that may make people confused about what you offer, and why it’s great.

Now that you have some solid advice about how to purchase and use an effective trade show display, hopefully you’ll find that your attendance at industry events is more worthwhile than ever.

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