Shade (Tents & Umbrellas)

Our Shade series of business products include high-quality pop-up tents, Ex-Domes, Star Tents and Market Umbrellas to name a few.  Full digital printing on treated polyester guarantees a vibrant design platform for your logo and messaging, and commercial grade frames ensure all important durability during your outdoor events. Contact Us Now

Event Advertising Shades

Custom Pop Up Tent

We carry three types of custom Pop Up Tents, all of which are designed for multiple set-ups and take-downs for more versatility at your events and display your branding.

Custom Market Umbrella

Custom branded Market Umbrellas are perfect for restaurateurs looking to improve outdoor spaces, or for companies wanting to add shade to interactive event spaces.

Ex-Star Custom Tent

Ex-star Tents may be our most eye-catching shade product (and a crowd favorite!) with its intense layout that allows for more branding area and shade for attendees.

Ex-Dome Custom Tent

Get 20% more surface area for your custom designs with our Ex-Dome Tents. This dome-shaped shade stands out and creates great spaces at outdoor events.


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