Folding Base

Folding Base System

Our folding base system offers simplicity, versatility and value. The stronger, lighter aluminium pin is removable and can be used in the ground stake as well as in the central hub as part of a folding base or optional wall mount. Indoors, outdoors, everywhere solution.

  • Stronger, lighter aluminium pin
  • Lightweight folding base
  • Unique mounting system
  • Additional branding area on foot of base
  • Interchangeable components – more cost effective

All The Right Mounting Hardware

Smart advertising is all about having the right materials placed in strategic locations, and we’re here to help you achieve this with our interchangeable flag hardware. At Zodiac Event Displays, we provide multiple ways to display your flags, and our folding base system and ground stake offer you the ability to advertise both indoors, and outdoors on varying surfaces.



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Folding Base