Feather Banners

Zodiac Event Displays brings a new touch to event promotions with our custom feather flag banners. Featuring unique and professional designs, our custom flags make the perfect marketing material for any event – trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, etc. Each flag is made to last, and the hardware is designed to last a lifetime.

Maximize Outdoor Advertising

Smart advertising is all about having the right materials placed in strategic locations, and we’re here to help you achieve this. At Zodiac Event Displays, we give you the opportunity to maximize outdoor advertising with our Feather flag banners. Our products are made of durable polyester fabric, making them more resistant to outdoor elements. You can place our banners in high traffic areas for increased brand exposure.



  • flying banners flag banner
  • Feather Banners Flag banner from Zodiac Event Displays
  • Wing Banner Flag Banner from Zodiac Event Displays
  • Folding Base Hardware from Zodiac Event Displays