Ex-T Banner Stands

Ex-T Banner Stands

Ex-T Banner Stands are our flagship banner stand option, and arguably the best event banner stand solution on the market.  These units are incredibly easy to set up, with no moving parts to jam or break.  The graphics are printed on non-curl, polyester fabric, offering a clean and crisp messaging platform.  Each Ex-T banner stands comes in a portable carrying case for easier transportation and set up.  Most importantly, new graphics can be added by simply sliding a new skin onto the aluminum frame. This cuts down on materials and costs while allowing for multiple designs to be reused and interchanged.

Offering Custom Shape Configurations

Our event banner stands are a compelling buy thanks to their ability to support custom shapes.  We can produce bottles, cans, and many other custom shapes that are suited for multiple promotions and events.

Custom Ex-T shapes create meaningful and powerful brand impact and give you the opportunity bring your brand to life via this unique format. They allow your display to pop as if it were 3 dimensional to leave a lasting impression. Don’t let your banner get lost in a sea of rectangle signage!

If you’re interested in having Zodiac Event Displays create a custom banner stand for your company, please give us a call today to discuss our tailored solutions!